Daily rental: $299
Additional Day: +$129


18ft Green Emerald

The 18ft Green Emerald Waterslide is a very popular slide that is great for kids and adults. It is themed with the wave crashing at the top and the green paradise palms at the bottom with the emerald green marble print. The 18ft Green Emerald Waterslide has been great in a variety of settings from church events, school events, backyard parties, and so much more. It comes with a water hookup so all you have to do is run your water hose and hookup to the attached water hose to run the water down the slide. The pool area of the slide is on the ground so water needs to be in the pool before usage. We only have one of these slides so be sure to book now if you would like to have it for your upcoming event.

Age Appropriateness: Adults and Children are welcome for the 18ft Green Emerald waterslide. Toddlers will need the help of an adult or able person to help them up the ladder.

Surfaces: This 18ft Green Emerald Waterslide can be placed on grass, dirt, asphalt, concrete, or on any indoor surface. In most cases, we will install this with a tarp underneath. The 18ft Green Emerald waterslide needs to be placed on level ground.

Pool Information: The pool area on the 18ft Green Emerald is an attached pool and is on the ground so pool will need to be filled with water before kids are to slide down the slide.

Power Consumption: The 18ft Green Emerald Waterslide comes with a 1.5 horsepower blower that pulls  12 amps that will need to be plugged into a socket on its own breaker and cannot be further than 100ft from the plug. Extension Cords are available for an additional cost if needed.

Inflatable comes with one 1.5HP Blower

Additional options below:

  • Delivery, Setup, and Pickup starts at $35
  • 50ft 12 gauge extension cord – $5
  • 100ft 12 gauge extension cord – $10
  • 5500 Watt Generator – $65

Size: 18h x 25l x 20w
Weight: 400lbs

How to book?


In person: Come by and book at 6170 Hwy 90 Theodore, AL 36582 across the street from Johnny’s RV Park.

By Phone: Call or Text 251-610-4396

Online: Email booking@rentfromcc.com

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